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Cudd Well Control (CWC) stands prepared to provide the experience and knowledge in well control anywhere in the world, at any time. From firefighting to handling blowouts we work quickly.

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Cudd Well Control, a division of Cudd Energy Services is a leading provider for blowout, firefighting, well control and well control engineering services. Cudd Well Control has responded with well control and well recovery servic es for both onshore and offshore drilling, workover and production emergencies, both domestically and internationally since 1978.

Our business model is predicated on the “Safe and Efficient” delivery of services required to address the industry’s comprehensive well control needs. Since our inception over 26 years ago, Cudd Well Control has realized substantial growth without an OSHA recordable. Consistency and synergy in engineering, training, response and recovery service processes provide management the tools necessary to control significant portions of the well control supply chain throughout the project/event life cycle.

From well control projects in North America to fighting the massive oil well fires in Kuwait after Operation Desert Storm, to blowouts in remote areas in Africa and South America, Cudd Well Control has shown time and again that we have what it takes to keep things under control, under pressure.

Our knowledgeable pool of well control specialists and engineers focus on their fields of expertise and stay current on new technology and how to more effectively use current practices. We strive to maintain standards that are tangible and consistent. The following are the “Work Environments” in which CWC personnel have conducted well control operations (Engineering & Well Site Operations).

  • Onshore Operations
  • Offshore Operations
  • Inland Waters
  • Multi-well Platform and Pad Operations
  • Deepwater
  • HTHP
  • Underground Blowouts
  • H2S
  • CO2

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