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Canadian Pressure Testing Technologies offers BOP Rig Testing, Trucks carry 8 5/8", 9 5/8" & 7" test cups. 8 5/8" & 9 5/8" with 4 1/2 XH Mandrel 7" with 3 1/2 IF Mandrel. We supply environmentally friendly Propylene Glycol

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Canadian Pressure Testing Technologies Ltd. we have had extensive experience with many types of pipeline compositions including fiberglass, fiberspar, flexpipe, flexsteel, polytube, insulated steel line and conventional steel line. We’ve contracted to many of the major oil companies at the plant site construction level for hydrotesting, on pipeline gathering systems throughout Alberta and British Columbia, and at Fort McMurray Oilsands projects.

Our Services Include:

  • Pipeline & Facility Hydrotesting
  • Drilling Rig B.O.P. Testing
  • Methanol Pumping for Line & Tubing Hydrates
  • Batch Inhibiting of Pipelines
  • Monitoring of High Pressure Air Testing
  • SoftDrive Solutions for the Oil & Gas industry

Current Certification Supplied for Gauges, Recorders & Deadweight, Methanol Sales & Rental. Positioned for BOP Rig Testing, Trucks carry 8 5/8", 9 5/8" & 7" test cups. 8 5/8" & 9 5/8" with 4 1/2 XH Mandrel 7" with 3 1/2 IF Mandrel.

Permanent Mounted Hydrotesting Equipment

In an effort to streamline hydrotesting procedures, an equipment design was put forth to incorporate all testing components and recording devices such as deadweight, gauges, & recorders in a permanently mounted format. This allows the operator to easily monitor all equipment and it also ensures that sensitive equipment is in a warm, shock-free environment. The design eliminates the need for a test tree since information is transmitted by a single pressure line back to all monitoring devices within the operator’s compartment. All measuring equipment has current calibrations and a printout which is included in each test package.

Our trucks carry approximately 10BBLs of test medium on board. They are equipped with a 2” pump for self-loading & unloading. With our multiple 3-way pressure manifold we are able to test 3 separate concurrent tests in a wide range of pressures up to 10,000 psi.

Remote Testing System

In 2007 Canadian Pressure Testing Technologies began development on a remote testing system involving wireless temperature and pressure sensors coupled with wireless radio systems.

The program was developed by SoftDrive Corporation utilizing Wonderware TM software applications.

The system conforms to Z-662 and B31-3 parameters and E.U.B. standards & specifications. It allows the client to view the test live through a web browser on their laptop or blackberry in the home, vehicle or office, anywhere, any time.

All this also save the contractor or client the added expense of equipment rentals, (which may easily fail), supervisory personnel & vehicles to monitor testing.

One easy package at one east price, securing a professionally run test every time.

Experienced Personnel

Our Personnel have up to 10 years experience. All employees carry current HS&E Program, H2S, First aid, Ground disturbance, WHMIS, TDG & Confined space entry tickets.

Current Insurance, WCB, available upon request, & Calibration certificates for all equipment supplied at each test package. Will test anywhere in Alberta, travel charges negotiable, will e-mail rate sheet on request.

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