12 Key Qualities of a Great Employee

Published: 25/01/2009

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What are the top twelve qualities employers want? According to national surveys we have developed a list of the top twelve qualities employers look for in employees.

Before you read our list why not jot down your own list of qualities you think are important. See how closely yours matches the survey.

Here is the list from the survey:

Positive Attitude

Employers value an employee who is cheerful and upbeat with a "can do" attitude. A good sense of humor is also a must.

Communication Skills

Excellent written and verbal skills are a must. Express yourself clearly and accurately, in writing and in speaking. Employers value good sentence structure, essay and report making skills. Build a good vocabulary and perfect your spelling. Your good communication skills reflects positively on the company if you are hired.

Computer Skills

Today knowing how to operate a computer is essential. Many jobs require at the least e-mailing and word processing skills.

Strong Work Ethic

A hard working employee is a very valued employee. Finish what you start even when the going gets tough.

Honesty and Integrity

Do not "borrow" company supplies, products or personal equipment with out employer permission. Just because you use it at work doesn't mean it belongs to you. No lying, cheating or stealing. Gove a full days work for a full days pay. Personal phone calls are for your break time.


Arrive at work on time. Return from breaks and lunch on time as well. In the rare instances when employees cannot avoid being late to work or are unable to work as scheduled, they should notify their supervisor as soon as possible in advance of the anticipated tardiness or absence.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Willingness to get involved with numerous projects, to help and encourage others, and to find creative solutions to difficult problems. It is necessary to adapt to change quickly and easily. Ability to quickly learn new things. Not getting discouraged by setbacks. Following through on those projects you may not care for. Able to let go, take charge and capitalize on the opportunities presented.

Analytical and Problem Solving Skills

Don't shy away from creativity. Many employees fear taking on new task feeling they may fail or have an extra workload. Employers look for employees who come up with creative ways to solve problems. Think outside the box.

Interpersonal Skills

Getting along with others, being kind, friendly easy to talk to. Practice the golden rule: "Treat others as you would like to be treated." Don't forget your dress and grooming are very important. Make sure your clothes are clean and neat, your hair is combed, and shower and use deodorant.

Team Work Skills

A good employee is able to work as part of a team to accomplish company goals. Being able to listen and work with group ideas.

Initiative and Motivation

Be a self-starter. Have an enthusiastic and positive attitude in the workplace. Being a hard worker as opposed to a lazy one.


Always speak well of the workplace, supervisor or job. Don't discuss confidential matters with anyone who is not authorized to know.

How well did your list match up?

Put these qualities into practice and you will maximize your chances of getting employed or promoted. Also it goes along without saying anyone who possess theses qualities would be an asset to any company!

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